Puppies are learning all the time and there are so many types of training exercises that will benefit them throughout their lives that they can be learning while young. These are lifeskills and help with Safety, Focus and being part of the Family.

Our Masterclass has been designed to cover all of the exercises we usually cover in our weekly in-person Puppy Classes with a few extras so you can get started with your Puppy as soon as you like and work through the exercises at your own pace and whenever you like. Plus you can go back through tutorials and text to check something as well as asking questions and even filming your Puppy training and send the video to us for feedback and help!

You don't have to try and fit around set dates and times of a weekly class, especially handy if you work shifts, and there's no worries about travel either!

Hi, I’m Joe Nutkins!

I'm your trainer for this Masterclass and I'm so excited to be able to work with you and your puppy on these fun yet important exercises!!

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JRT puppy sitting
Feedback : Alex with Tilly, Parsons Russell
Terrier age 5 months

Hi Joe, this is all so helpful. Tilly has been hanging off my leg and
nibbling at my trousers ...I realise this is after a walk...I try and ignore
her but need now to fold arms and legs and not actually chat to her!

I will also show this to my husband as she starts play fighting with him
in the evening just about when we're about to eat. He plays with her
then she bites and he says 'No' so we must both do the same.

They're all great exercises Joe - thank you and so helpful..hope all OK with you xx

Puppy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with Kennel Club award
Feedback : Melanie with Ares, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel at 17 weeks old

We really enjoyed all of the masterclass especially being able to start Ares' training at home before finishing his vaccinations.

Being able to go back to exercises to recap and to work on exercises any time really helped around my own schedule and I'm very proud that the Masterclass prepared Ares for his Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen's award which he took in person and passed age 17 weeks!